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ITU defines an international gateway as any facility through which electronic communications (voice, data and video) can be sent between the domestic networks of one country and another. In practice, the gateways provide links either to an international (often submarine) cable system, or to a satellite through an Earth station. Whether terrestrial or Space-based, their purpose is to aggregate and distribute incoming and outgoing international voice and data traffic. In other words, The international Gateway is the exclusive Gateway of all the international voice and data traffic to and from the country. The Gateway represents the access of the country to the world and it can be connected either through satellites or through international fiber cables.

Mobile operators need to interconnect with international networks to provide these services to their subscribers.  Domestic networks within each country, whether fixed or mobile, access international networks through facilities called International Gateways (IGWs). The idea behind this service is to retain the exclusivity of the Gateway for incoming and outgoing international traffic to the Government and our role as experienced and qualified Company is to manage and control the Gateway. The latter will then be claimed by the Government as a valuable resource to it with lots of benefits.


Service Description:

PROTEL will provide a complete solution that merges between the Billing and Routing management solution, Fraud Detection solution, and other services customized depending on the project needs. Our staff will be responsible of conducting several operations on behalf of the local authorities, including and not limited to the following responsibilities:

  • Design, tailoring, and implementation of telecom billing, routing, and fraud detection solutions.
  • Conducting interconnections on behalf of the local authorities with local operators and international carriers.
  • Collecting and processing CDRs from different IGW switches.
  • Routing the origination traffic through Protel Premium routes and marketing international incoming traffic to the country.
  • Generating international calls price lists on behalf of the local authorities & Mobile Operators in addition to the international carriers if available.
  • Invoicing carriers and local operators.
  • Monitoring Quality of Service QoS and other Key Performance Indicators KPIs.
  • Conducting fraud detection activities and generating daily reports for the authorities to take legal action against fraudsters.
  • Managing revenue assurance aspects required by the authorities.
  • Generating monthly progress and financial reports for the authorities in charge.( Ministry of telecommunication &/or Telecom Regulatory authority)
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